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June 27th, 2019

When I talk about time management in a balanced life, I’m not focusing on the app you can add to your phone, cool planners, or all the amazing gadgets out there to save you time (although all of these are helpful), I’m all about  MANAGING YOUR TIME…you driving the bus (so to speak) in your balanced life. Here are a few lessons I learned in this regard…sometimes the hard way…but worth it: 

Multi-tasking can throw your life off balance. You are allowed to focus on one task or person, at a time. As a woman, you probably have a lot on your plate, so consciously taking things off our plate will allow you to enjoy the present moment like: conversing with a child or elderly parent, supporting a friend, taking in scenery, being aware of emotions or simply sharing a smile:) This is your choice!

Tending to everyone’s needs doesn’t equal balance. I’m going to go out on a limb to say, you may have tried this (as I have), and while it is rewarding to meet the needs of others, it can be tiring (mentally and physically). Why? Because there is zero time left to take care of YOU!  The end result is not a feeling of contentment, but often resentment. Hey, just 15 minutes for you to actually do your hair (a.k.a. self care) rather than pulling it up will boost your self esteem incredibly. Agree?  Be okay with not being the “go-to girl” all the time. They will still love and respect you, and you will have great hair lol!

Have a happy day!